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Compare and Contrast Essay Example on pro-life vs pro-choice

Compare and Contrast Essay Example on pro-life vs pro-choice

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Pro-life vs. pro-choice is a great topic and it is an easy one. So, it is the best topic to get you started on a compare and contrast essay . Why, this topic, you must wonder. Well, apart from it being easy to understand, it is a debatable issue so that makes it appealing.

So, here is your essay!

The debate around pro-life and pro-choice is a long-standing one but it has come to the forefront in recent years. Both these groups are far different than they are alike but they do hold certain similarities as well. Despite the fact that both these groups fiercely oppose one another, they do agree on certain factors. Also, there is much debate on exactly what kind of group is labeled pro-life. This write my essay will discuss the similarities and differences between these two groups.

Firstly, it is important to discuss the definitions of these two groups. Pro-lifers believe that the preservation of human life is more important than anything and as such they see abortion as an abomination because it includes the killing of human life. On the other hand, the pro-choice group believes that having the choice to keep or abort a fetus is more important than the preservation of human life. As such, they argue that everyone should have access to abortion so that they can choose.

Secondly, the values of these two groups are also dissimilar. In the case of the pro-lifers, they do not believe that one should have access to abortion but most of them do believe in inflicting capital punishment and are against child welfare registration. As far as the pro-choice group is concerned, they believe in the principles of feminism as such they see capital punishment as an abomination and support child welfare societies. They also tend to support other social justice causes such as the LGBTQ+ movement or else consider a paper writing service.

However, despite their difference, these two groups do have certain traits in common. For example, both these groups believe that women should have access to birth control. They also believe the children should receive adequate sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, both groups also believe that women should have access to reproductive and sexual healthcare. The only point of diversion, in this case, is that of abortion because pro-lifers consider an unborn fetus as a human being while the pro-choice group thinks of the fetus as an egg.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the pro-life and pro-choice groups are more divergent than they are alike. Firstly, they diverge in their basic definitions they argue over whether the fetus is a human or an egg along with access to abortion. Secondly, both groups hold different values with the pro-lifers supporting causes like capital punishment while the pro-choicers support social justice. However, they are quite similar as they agree on access to sex education and birth control. Personally speaking, I think these sites are great. I would love for a professional essay writer to write essay for me. However, these similarities are not enough to unite them.

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