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Robot Girl and the Indoor Scarf

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.

We started the night at the local Irish pub. Because of the ridiculously low temperatures tonight, Wingman Stick and I had planned on staying local. Around 10:30, Stick got a call from his new girl. Somehow she convinced him that we needed to travel across town to some college bar. After bitching about having to travel in the Arctic like conditions, I reluctantly agree to go.

We arrive at College Bar and quickly notice that a majority of the girls are on the dance floor. I wasn’t planning on dance floor game tonight. We get some beers, scope out the scene, and move to the edge of the dance floor.

Approach 62: After some hesitating, I finally grow some balls. I approach two women dancing in front of us and ask if they know who sings the song that is playing. They don’t know, so I try having a conversation with them about the terrible music. They seemed disinterested so I eject.

Approach 63: A hot a girl is walking by so I stop her and ask the same question, “hey, do you know who sings this?” She doesn’t know either. I have a quick conversation with her about 90s music but she eventually leaves to join her friends.

Approach 64: There are two girls seated near us, so I approach and ask one of the girls the same question, “hey, do you know who sings this?” She knew, but looked at me like I was an idiot because of how obvious the song was (it was clearly a Prince song). I try asking her what her favorite 90s band is but she was being a bitch so I do a back turn on her and eject.

Approach 65: There are two other girls standing next to Wingman Stick. I motion for him to open and he does. His conversation quickly fizzles out. A few minutes after this I decide to approach the same set. I go in.

Me: Hey quick question
Girl: Ok
Me: Do you think I look like Joe DiMaggio?
Girl: Ummm, I guess so
Me: Oh I only ask because earlier some girl said I looked like Joe DiMaggio. It’s funny because I’ve never heard that before but I think I do have some similarities.
Girl: Haha, yea, and he was married to Marilyn Monroe too
Me: I know, I guess it was a pretty good compliment

I continue chatting with the girl for a little bit about the music in the bar. Eventually, her friend pulls her away and they leave.

Approach 66: We leave the edge of the dance floor to go get some more beers. As Wingman Stick is ordering I notice a girl near us doing the Robot (lets call her Robot Girl). I’m a big fan of the robot so I quickly go up to her and start doing my own Robot. So, now we are both doing the robot and the whole bar is watching us! This peculiar dance off finally ends and there is instant flirting.

Me: Oh my god, I can’t believe you are a fan of the robot, I think I’m in love. Lets get married:)
Robot Girl: Haha, you do an amazing robot
Me: Oh thank-you, I practice in the shower every morning
Robot Girl: Haha, you are sooo cute
Me: (kino her waist) awww, well you’re kinda cute yourself
Robot Girl: KINDA!?! (she gives me a light punch in the arm)
Me: Hehe, well we both can’t be really hot sex symbols, I don’t think the bar could handle it
Robot Girl: Haha, your right. Hey I love your scarf.

I need to point out here, that tonight I was wearing a scarf around my shoulders all night. I was going for that pretentious English professor look.

Robot Girl proceeds to fondle my scarf and wrap it around my neck. At one point I think she had wrapped it around ten times basically cutting off my air supply. I finally had to say, “hey, hands of the merchandise, this shit ain’t free!” Robot girl giggles and begins introducing me to her friends. She keeps trying to get me to do the Robot for her friends but I refuse saying that I’m not a dancing monkey here for your amusement.

Robot Girl’s friends are the most annoying people in the world so I signal to Wingman Stick that we need to eject. I figured that I could always come back and find Robot Girl at the end of the night for some type of close.

Approach 67: We head back over to the dance floor. Wingman Stick’s girl finally shows up. For some reason she was intent on getting me laid tonight. Sounded fine with me. I tell her that she can be my wing woman.

I notice two cute girls dancing so grab Wing Woman’s hand and tell her to come dance with me near the two girls. We go over and start doing some crazy sexy dancing. I finally make eye contact with one of the girls. I grab her hand, twirl her around and begin dancing with her. Wing Woman gives me a wink and slinks back to Wingman Stick.

The dancing didn’t last too long though because the friend got jealous and pulled the girl away from me. Arrrghhh!

I notice that it is getting late so decide to go back and find Robot Girl with the hopes of getting some kind of close. After searching the bar I realize that Robot Girl is nowhere to be found. She had left. Shit!

It’s closing time now so we decide to leave the bar. We exit and catch a cab home.


First, I got in a bunch of approaches tonight with little anxiety so that was definitely good. However, there was also a lot of room for improvement. I made some mistakes, the big one being that I ejected from Robot Girl. Had I continued to flirt with her, I could have simply isolated her from the friends and gotten some type of close. Also, I need to learn how to manage the friends/obstacles better as this seems to be the main factor in losing my targets. All in all, it was a decent night but not closing Robot Girl was a bit frustrating. Oh well, next time.

It’s Raining Men at Karaoke Night

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake Berlin. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.

Wow, I love karaoke night. It fires me up ten fold. There’s something about the atmosphere at karaoke night that is more friendly and social than other nights. Perhaps karaoke is just a great excuse to talk to random strangers. Whatever it is, I know I always have an easier time approaching on a karaoke night.

We enter the bar on this particular Saturday night. I roll up to the bartender and order drinks. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Alanis Morissette Girl (HBAlanis) from a few weeks ago. I make eye contact with her. She waves a friendly hello. I wave back and say, “hey how’s it going?” in a way that wouldn’t be awkward. She says something back but I can’t hear her. I notice that there is a guy with her and they are all over each other. I figure it’s best to just ignore them and focus on cold approaching. My time with Alanis Morissette Girl was pretty much a learning experience and has little possibility to advance.

Approach 68: As I walk back towards my friends I notice a cute woman standing nearby. I approach her and say, “so what are you singing tonight?” She says some Sarah McLachlan song. She asks me the same question and I reply, “It’s raining men.” She almost spits her beer out in laughter when I mention this. We engage in some light banter about the terrible singers. She eventually leaves to sing her song.

Approach 69: Later, I’m walking towards the bathroom. I see a cute girl waiting in line for the women’s room. She is looking at me. 1, 2, 3, go. I walk straight up to her and say, “Hey, how’s it going?” I act like I’ve known her forever.

Her: Oh hi! Good, how are you?
Me: Great, just thought I’d hit up Karaoke night and rock out to all these great singers
Her: Haha, oh my god they are terrible!
Me: Yea, but you haven’t heard me sing yet
Her: Oh what are you singing?
Me: It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls
Her: Haha, wow really? That’s funny, I can’t wait.

At this point a woman comes out of the ladies room and the girl I’m talking to excuses herself to the restroom.

Approach 70: As we’re listening to the singers I see a two set of attractive women standing in front of us. I notice one of them keeps looking back at me. I decide to go in. I approach the two girls with my usual opener, “What are you two singing tonight?” They respond that they’re not singing anything. I tease them for being so boring (this is a bit hypocritical considering I never got up to sing either).

The girl that had been looking at me actually knew who I was. Apparently, some of the local sorority girls have been gossiping about me. Hmmm, sounds like I’ve been getting socially proofed without even knowing it.

We talk some more about our mutual friends. For some reason the conversation starts to take a nose dive into “boring” territory. I fail to spice things up with my high octane energy and the two girls eventually wander off.

Approach 71: Towards the end of the night I notice this little cutie with a white beret (We’ll call her Beret Girl). She walks by me while giving me solid eye contact. Just as she passes, she lightly punches my arm. Ah, playground tactics. Two can play at this game.

As she sits down at a nearby table, she looks back over. I get eye contact and stick out my tongue. She giggles and sticks her tongue out at me. I then give her the “come hither” motion with my forefinger. She shakes her head “no” and pats her hand on the bench next to her, motioning for me to sit with her.

I walk confidently over to her and sit down right next to her. I say hi and then, she punches me in the shoulder again!

Me: Wow, that hurts, you’re sooo mean!
Beret Girl: That’s cause I don’t like you
Me: Oh really, that’s too bad, I guess I’ll leave now, bye.
Beret: No, no, no, don’t leave, I’m just kidding
Me: Haha, I know, how could you resist such a cutie like myself

Things start to get a bit weird here, almost like she is using push/pull tactics on me. Then her friend decides to chime in.

Friend: I hope your not hitting on my friend because we’re lesbians
Me: Oh that’s great, you guys make a really cute couple (I had no idea what to say here)
Friend: Yea we do!

The friend is a bit hostile for some reason. I’m pretty sure they weren’t lesbians. It’s possible the friend was just trying to get rid of me. I turn my attention back to Beret Girl.

I try having a flirty conversation with Beret Girl but she is playing games with me. I get hit in the shoulder a few more times. I realize the shoulder hitting thing is her way of flirting but after 5 or 6 times it starts to get really annoying. I finally decide to eject because I can’t deal with her childish refusal to have a real conversation.


Only four approaches this night, but they were solid with little anxiety. Like I said, Karaoke night is awesome.

Lack of Male Role Models and the Rise of Pick-up Artists

I was recently watching a video of Zan on YouTube where he gives a talk to the Project San Fransisco seduction lair. After seeing this, I was blown away by how profound his insights were.

Zan basically talks about how a lot of men who join the seduction community are ones who grew up without a male role model; how there was no one to give us direction; and how our fathers were absent in this regard. We are basically the first generation of uninstructed men.

This is an interesting topic to me for personal reasons. I was raised by a single mom for most of my childhood. My father left my mom and I at an early age. I believe I was around five years old when he left.

Even if my father did stick around I doubt it would have done any good. He was an alcoholic and was abusive towards my mother. Certainly not a positive male role model. In fact, my only memory of him is of that familiar cliche we always see on television. That of the mother and father fighting in the kitchen and the child crouched on top of the stairs crying.

So, as Zan puts it, my positive male role model was absent. The person who was supposed to teach me about women was never there. I feel this might be true for a lot of the guys who come into the pick-up artist community.

If I remember correctly, in the book The Game by Neil Strauss, the idea of lacking a positive male role model is illustrated through the character and real life pick-up artist Mystery. Strauss writes about Mystery’s hatred towards his father, which caused him emotional damage and low self esteem. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Mystery had set out on his own in an attempt to become good with women.

Also, in a recent blog post by Sean Newman, he mentions that he was a mamma’s boy growing up. He says that though he got loving advice from his mom and sisters, it wasn’t the type of advice that was useful for meeting women. I think Sean says it best with the following: “Because as much as mama loves you, she can’t teach you how to be more of a confident MAN around women.”

There is a great article called, How Boys Learn to be Men by Alex Wise from Loveawake.com dating site, that addresses the influence of fathers on young males. In the article, Dobson mentions some of the ideas of leading Sociologists and Psychologists:

“Sociologist Peter Karl believes that because boys spend up to 80 percent of their time with women, they don’t know how to act as men when they grow up. When that happens, the relationship between the sexes is directly affected. Men become helpless and more and more like big kids.”

“Dr. William Pollock, Harvard psychologist and author of Real Boys, concludes that divorce is difficult for children of both sexes but it is devastating for males. He says the basic problem is the lack of discipline and supervision in the father’s absence and his unavailability to teach what it means to be a man. Pollock also believes fathers are crucial in helping boys to manage their emotions. As we have seen, without the guidance and direction of a father, a boy’s frustration often leads to varieties of violence and other antisocial behavior.”

However, in an interview with Peggy Drexler, author of Raising Boys Without Men, she claims that young males raised by single mom’s can turn out to be perfectly fine.

“In her new book, Raising Boys Without Men: How Maverick Moms Are Creating the Next Generation of Exceptional Men (Rodale Books), Drexler demonstrates through nearly a decade of research that boys who are raised in single-mother homes are just as likely to develop into happy, healthy adults as boys raised in households with both a mother and a father.”

Though I tend to agree with Drexler’s view that boys raised by single moms can turn out to be happy and healthy, she doesn’t address the issue of these same boys becoming the type of man who can be comfortable meeting women. After all, I was raised by a single mom and my life has been pretty good. I’m happy, I’m healthy, I have a good career, and a great group of friends. One thing that I don’t have (or didn’t have) is the knowledge to be successful in meeting and attracting women.

Of course, this whole theory about pick-up artists lacking male role models is completely speculative. It certainly is interesting to think about though. Perhaps I’ll do some more research on this topic. I’d love to hear comments on this if anyone has had similar experiences or insights into this theory.